About Me

Sheldon Morris:
My work experience has always revolved around customer service and technology. I have 2 years of experience working in call center environments but I have to tell you that my frustration with this was always the idea that we are providing customer service but that volume was more important than actually fully assisting the customer. I am the type of person who always wants to make sure the customer is fully satisfied. Why would a company providing a good or service exist if not to ensure that their customers are happy? I really believe that a happy customer is a loyal customer. At any rate, this brings me to my technical experience. I have over 15 years of experience working as a computer technician in educational environments spanning both the university level as well as the K-12 level. More than ever being a computer technician is a little misleading because what you actually support is technology. A variety of tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, networking infrastructure, printers, and of course desktop and laptop computers. I am currently employed as a Lead Computer Technician in a school district but I am always looking for side jobs and projects.